21 Ways To Get Scary Drunk On Halloween

1. Float fruity eyeballs in your drink.

Recipe: Dark and Stormy Death Punch.

2. Make your shot look like a hemorrhaging brain.

Schnapps, Bailey’s, and grenadine don’t mix. Like, actually, they do NOT mix. Instructions here.

3. Model your martini after candy corn.

No guarantees that it’ll taste good.

Recipe: Halloween Candy Corn Cocktail.

4. Candy corn jell-o shots, anyone?

Recipe: Candy Corn Jell-O Shots.

5. Or, just straight-up infuse the candy corn into some vodka.


Full instructions here.

6. Rim your glasses with red-dyed corn syrup.

Warning: STAINS. Instructions here.

7. Serve black cocktails in black-rimmed glasses.

Recipe: Black Heart Cider.

8. Or, go for a black and orange theme.

Recipe: Pumpkin Cocktail.

9. Give people the creepy-crawlies by putting black licorice strings in martinis.

Recipe: Black Widow Martini.

10. Take shots of blood.

Blood orange liquor, that is. Instructions here.

11. Use pickled beets as garnish for a “bleeding heart” effect

Recipe: Bleeding Heart Martini.

12. Make an “eyeball highball” by stuffing radishes with olives, then freezing them into ice cubes

Instructions here.

13. Put pomegranate seeds in a red cocktail, and they’ll look like bloody teeth.

Recipe: Bloody Tooth Cocktail.

14. Put some (dry) ice on it.

Learn how here.

15. Rim a glass with halloween-themed sprinkles.

Recipe: Spellbound.

16. Make black and orange minosas.

Black food coloring + vodka = black vodka. Instructions here.

17. Bacardi 151 is great if you want to set your drink on fire.

Recipe: Fiery Eyeball.

18. Make spider web glasses.

Easy with some glass paint. And you can break them out again next year. Instructions here.

19. Use a rubber glove to make a hand-shaped ice cube.


Recipe: Severed Hand Sangria.

20. Or, fill your punch bowl with “shrunken heads.”

Just carve some apples and float them in whatever punch or sangria you’re serving. Instructions here.

21. Serve a “horny devil” cocktail

Recipe Horny Devils Cocktail.

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