40 Got Milk? Ads You Totally Forgot Even Existed

Ready to feel old?

It’s been more than20 years since the iconic “Got Milk?” advertising campaign first launched, planting milk mustaches on some of the most recognizable faces on the planet.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane(and the dairy aisle)to check out some of the ads that we saw through those years.


Carson Daly

Totally requesting some milk.


David Beckham

Yes, it certainly does do a body good.


Kim Cattrall

Maybe a milk martini?


The Backstreet Boys

Who doesn’t drink milk in an alley?


The Hanson brothers.

Mmm…milk. Or bop. Whatever.


Mike Myers as Austin Powers

Yeah, baby.


Dennis Rodman

No dribbling.

It does a body good.

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