7 Totally Expected Golden Globes Moments That Made The Show A Snooze



The 2015 Golden Globes took place last night, and if you didn’t watch, you probably got a sense of what went on from the explosions on your Twitter feed.

It’s now the norm to “live-tweet” every event, and the #GoldenGlobes suggested hashtag on the bottom of our television screens certainly added incentive.

Part of the fun of watching any awards show is the red carpet hour before the ceremony takes place. We all want to know which celebs will show up in heinous dresses, which ladies will bare a lot of skin and which couples will be interviewed.

It might even be argued that the red carpet is more exciting than the awards show itself. It would seem that every year there are a certain number of events one can expect from the Golden Globes. It almost feels like a countdown until one or more of these occur.

Here are seven classic Golden Globes moments we always see coming.

1. Someone makes a “globes” pun

I’m surprised that this didn’t happen sooner last night. When J-Lo (more on her later) presented with Jeremy Renner, he couldn’t resist the urge to insert the bad joke into their banter.

Of course, none of us blame him for staring at J-Lo’s “globes,” as she looked amazing last night.

2. Someone wears a nightgown

Sorry, Keira Knightley. We love you, but we don’t love your dress.

Knightley showed up wearing a Chanel gown that apparently took 30 people to make. The dress’s color and fit were flattering on the actress’s baby bump, but the gown contained a bib-like neckline that was upsetting to the vast majority of the Internet.

Add in the butterfly print, and the dress just slips into questionable territory.

3. A lot of double-sided tape is required

Deep v-necks seemed to be the trend of the night. J-Lo stole the show with her Zuhair Murad gown, and Kate Hudson wasn’t far behind with her white Versace gown. Jessica Chastain also embraced the plunging neckline in her bronze Versace gown.

This look is super sophisticated and sexy, and all three of these ladies pulled it off perfectly.

4. Jokes are made about Meryl Streep’s consistent nominations

With 29 Globe nominations and 9 wins, Streep is an actress with a high reputation. It almost goes without saying that her name will appear on one or more lists at every awards ceremony.

Although she did not win this year’s Best Actress award, hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler couldn’t resist commenting on her success streak.

Fey and Poehler joked that in “Into the Woods,” Streep plays a witch who sends the townspeople on a magical quest for items to help her land another Golden Globe nomination. Accurate.

5. Someone attempts a photobomb

Perhaps riding on the coattails of Leo DiCaprio’s recent epic photobomb, Benedict Cumberbatch brought the Internet to its knees by photobombing Meryl Streep and Margaret Cho.

Props have to be given to Cumberbatch’s technique, as he jumped into the air behind the actresses, both arms extended upwards.

This will obviously be circulating the Internet for a while; it has “meme” written all over it.

6. Someone can’t part with his or her cocktail

Whether it’s habit or a crutch, it’s inevitable that an actor will double-fist his or her Golden Globe and drink. Last night’s most obvious perpetrator? Ricky Gervais.

Gervais approached the podium to present the award for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy, wine glass in hand. Characteristically, he announced that he wouldn’t insult anyone, and then proceeded to drop insults left and right.

He also proclaimed he wouldn’t mispronounce names, and then flubbed Quvenzhané Wallis’ name pretty fantastically.

Perhaps the wine glass should have stayed on the table?

7. Acceptance speeches are mixed with social and political commentary

Many celebrities took advantage of their platforms last night in order to tie in current events.

Most notable was George Clooney, who accepted the Cecil B DeMille lifetime achievement award. He finished his speech by referencing the terrorist attacks in Paris and the free speech marches that ensued.

“They marched in support of the idea that we will not walk in fear,” Clooney said. “So, je suis Charlie.”

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