Body Positivity Win! It Seems Like No One Cares What Anyones Palms Look Like

Body-shaming remains a pervasive problem in our society, but if you want proof that were on the path to open-mindedness, heres something that should lift your spirits: It seems like pretty much no one cares what anyones palms look like.

Yes! This is a huge win for body positivity!

While many are still judged for their unconventional body types, pretty much no one has to deal with criticism for how the palms of their hands appear, and thats worth celebrating. Its wonderful to live in a world where, whoever you are, your palms will be treated with the same general indifference as those of a supermodel.

What an incredible step toward a more equal society.

Theres still a lot of work to be done before the world feels the same way about other body parts, but its a sure sign of progress that everyone is apparently fine with each others palms, no matter what theyre like on the surface. Faith in humanity restored!

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