Britain’s Most Haunted House Has Opened Its Doors To People Wanting To Stay The Night

My house is full of ghosts. Curtains and doors keep moving without me touching them and, sometimes, I swear I see other people walking around. It’s definitely ghosts. OR I just leave the windows open and I don’t live alone… It’s hard to say.

But anyway, this house in Hull is DEFINITELY haunted and now it’s open to the public. Known asThe Hostel by paranormal experts (people who sometimes get cold inexplicably and blame it on ghosts), the seven-room house is notorious for furniture moving around on its own,flying objects and sensations including nausea and the feeling liketheir hair was being touched.

A group of supernatural experts spent some time,9pm-4am, in the hostel to record what went on and they found some, predictably, ghostly results. Thespirit of an evil man lived upstairs and then a woman and three children below. Alsoten-year-old Walter dated from 1840 and was apparently hanged.

The story is that the evil man tortured and killed the mother and three children and then killed them and buried their remains in the courtyard… then he himself presumably died.

You know what would be really shocking? If one of these experts went to a “haunted house”, spent a night there and, when they got out, went “Nah it’s not haunted, someone just left the windows open and it’s full of squatters.”

Andy Yates, the previous owner, used to live there alone and said he once saw the shadow or a child emerge from a fireplace and hover there for around 15 minutes. He tried to rent the house out but people never lasted more than four days. They didn’t die or anything… they just left. I dare say that’s because the dcor is so awful. Just look at it! Open the curtains, give it a lick of paint, head to Ikea and you’re sorted.

The Hostel is opening its doors to ghost hunters on Friday, April 13, where over 18s can spend the night in the property for 65.

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