Community Post: The 10 Shows You’ll Watch On Netflix

1. The Classic

They’ve been around for ages and still you watch every episode…twice.

2. The Popular One

What’s this show everyone’s been going on about…oh my God this is awesome. Time to watch all the episodes in a week.

3. The Sci-Fi One

Everyone loves a bit of geekiness and sci-fi shows can be some of the geekiest things ever.

4. The Guilty Pleasure

Everyone has that show they watch that they don’t really talk about…except to those who also watch it.

5. The Comedy

We laugh and watch again

6. The Netflix Original

Netflix are really picking up their game and their original series are gathering more and more support.

7. The British One


8. The Crime One

Because everyone one loves suave plot twists.

9. The Horror One

Because who doesn’t love being scared out of their wits.

10. The Soppy One

Because emotions.

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