I Burned Out And Left My Job To Find Something I Would Enjoy, So I Started Drawing T-Shirts For Nerds Like Me. What Do You Think?

I worked as a freelance brand designer since I was 15. I was able to take care of myself ever since. I loved the next 8 years. They were incredible. But when I turned 23, the bullshittery of advertising industry (at least here, where I live, Czech Republic) caught up with me. Day by day the fun faded a little away. On my 27th birthday there I was, burned out candle on a cake.

This January I decided to leave and start over. I didn’t know what I will do. The only thing I enjoyed was drawing illustrations of what I always loved — space, future, science and fiction related things.

Rick and Morty helped a lot. Actually, it was because of R&M, Firewatch and The Oatmeal I decided to get up, draw the prints I wanted to wear but couldn’t find anywhere to buy, dig myself out of the shithole full of debts I put myself in by selling them and draw once more.

Now I’m learning to screenwrite so I could merge it into creating stories like those guys. And hopefully to move to LA. I don’t know how it will go, but after last ashy 6 years, there’s a little fire in me again. It was about time.

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