The Coolest New York City Street Art

1. Jordan Seiler

THIS is cool. On The Bowery.
Ad Takeover Inside an Ad Takeover Inside an Ad Takeover installation by Jordan Seiler.

2. Jilly Ballistic

36th St; Queens bound R/M.

3. Jilly Ballistic

Mute The Voice.
Jefferson St; Brooklyn bound L.
See more of Jilly Ballistic’s wonderful work here.

4. Mayor Mike

Bloomberg drones on and on about Big Soda and Big Sugar, but we all should just get over our loss of personal freedoms already. In Williamsburg.

5. New Yorkers Understand

Public trash cans are always completely stuffed full.
So, this happens everywhere.
Great piece of modern “art.”

6. Wicked

In Williamsburg.
Kind of a Wicked Witch/Dorothy/Stripper mash-up.

7. Fifth Wife Of Henry VIII

Very cool, by Bunny M.
Across the bodice reads the motto of Catherine Howard, fifth wife of Henry VIII:
“Non autre volonté que la sienne” (No other will but his).
No matter, she was still beheaded at the age of 19.

8. Poster Boy

Chase subway poster gets a wonderful edit, referencing their $4.6 million donation to the NYPD during Occupy Wall Street protests.

9. Paul Insect

In Soho.

10. Morton Assault Girl

In Williamsburg.

11. Kiss…

Nice. In Bushwick.

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