This Looks Like Something Out Of Science Fiction, But The Reality? Awe-Inspiring

It takes more to be an artist in this day and age than simply laying pencil to paper.

Sometimes it’s what you DON’T paint that makes a piece worthwhile, and sometimes it’s not even necessarily about the art itself. Take these incredible abstract paintings for example, which garners attention not just because they’re gorgeous paintings, but because they were created by a few disabled people using just their minds!

This crazy project originates in China by artist Jody Xiong, who invited 16 disabled people to join her on a brand new type of venture. Using technology to capture specific brainwaves, the volunteers all managed to create paintings currently being sold at around $130,000 USD! If you don’t have an appreciation for art then that’s fine, but remember how many people it manages to help out. This one-of-a-kind project is exactly the type of thing I think we need to see more of.

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