What They Found In The Desert Using Google Maps…Well You’ll Want To See This

Since the alleged UFO crash of 1947, Roswell, New Mexico, has become the unofficial Mecca for alien enthusiasts. As such, the land, especially the desert near what is now Area 51, is subject to quite a bit of public scrutiny. At any given time, there are dozens of people using Google Maps’ satellite photos to check for signs of anything unusual.

Normally, these folks don’t find much, but recently, it appears that they discovered a very odd shape in the desert near Roswell…it looks an awful lot like a swastika.

The symbol in question can be seen from the air about 70 miles from the town of Roswell itself. Let’s zoom in a bit….

This particular symbol’s location has been known for a few years, but it’s back in the news again after being picked up by a number of paranormal blogs.

While explanations were short on facts, some people speculate that the symbol could be anything from a location beacon for UFOs to an ancient symbol created by Native Americans to communicate with aliens.

Sadly, the more likely conclusion is that the symbol was dug out as a marker for pilots to practice their bombing runs during World War II.

The truth is still out there, it’s just not in an abandoned field 70 miles outside of Roswell.

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Better luck next time, guys. Keep looking!

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